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Ecopower harnesses the power of the sun to help students learn

LONDON, Ontario – March 5, 2018 – Ecopower Inc. today introduced their innovative Flat LED ComfortPanel, providing users the ability to control the colour temperature and brightness of the light. This fully-dimmable panel produces even illumination of the lens material with an ultra-low glare factor and is kelvin adjustable from 3000K to 5000K. All controlled by a convenient, easy to use hand-held remote.

“The human cognitive ability and circadian rhythms are directly related to the intensity and colour temperature of the light around us,” states Brian Webber, President of Ecopower Inc. “Bringing the sun indoors is the next logical progression of improving our next generations’ cognitive abilities.”

Ecopower’s ComfortPanel allows the user to wirelessly control their lighting experience one panel, one room, or a larger area at a time. When deployed in schools such as the FootHills School Division in High River AB, students enter a well-lit bright space first thing in the morning, thus increasing their serotonin levels, which positively affects mood, behaviour, cognitive function, and memory. Vince Hunter, Principal at FootHills School, definitely recognized a change, stating that “the school looks much cleaner and the panels make a huge difference in the light levels in the school.”

Research continues on the affect lighting has on learning. According to a study done by ZNL TransferZentrum für Neurowissenschaften und Lernen (Transfer Centre for Neuroscience and Learning) in Ulm Germany, clean comfortable white light - well controlled and delivered using low glare side-lit panel technology - can increase exam test scores by up to 13% compared to a control group in standardized testing. Students working under artificial full spec­trum LED lighting which is designed to replicate outdoor daylight demonstrated measur­able improvement in cognitive ability, and had up to a third fewer errors in a concentration test.

According to researchers, this use of colour-tuned lighting reproduces the sense of being outdoors and that simulation of natural light causes the student’s circadian rhythm to shift forward in time, so they are alert earlier in the day. In the spring of 2018, Great Lakes School in Sarnia, ON will be retrofitted with hundreds of new Ecopower LED flat panels, granting those students the very best environment possible to help foster and grow their young minds.

Ecopower Inc. is a leading developer and supplier of LED Lighting fixtures in the North American market.  Since 1992 Ecopower has been focused on developing, manufacturing & distributing HID and LED Lighting sources and controls. To date, their successes include installations in U.S. Defense Department facilities, Canadian Forces Bases, Canadian Submarine, Darlington Nuclear, Tier One automotive facilities, major industrial and commercial clients, 100's of arenas and sports facilities, as well as commercial and retail facilities from Hawaii to Alaska, Vancouver to PEI, and beyond. 

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