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Case Studies

The Intelligent Lighting System

Unites States Cold Storage
United States Cold Storage (USCS) is one of the country's leading refrigerated storage and logistics companies. Through 34 facilities in 12 states, USCS manages 194 million cubic feet of temperature-controlled warehouse and distribution space, employing more than 1,600 service professionals.

Facility Location: Hazleton, PA
Environment: Cold, refrigerated, and ambient spaces (-20° to 40F°)
Operational Schedule: 24 x 7
Installation Type: New installation
Installation Size: 88,000 ft2 addition to existing facility
Lighting Choice: Digital Lumens Highbay ILS
Annual Lighting Cost: 3.5¢ per ft2 (vs. 46¢ per ft2 for HID)
Lighting Energy Savings: 92.3%

Light rules

Maines Paper and Food Service, Inc.

With annual revenues approaching $3 billion, Maines Paper and Food Service, Inc. is one of the nation's largest broadline food distributors. Through its network of warehouse facilities, the company serves customers in 35 states, offering competitively priced, quality food service products backed by exceptional levels of service.

Facility Location: Conklin, NY
Environment: Cold, refrigerated, and ambient spaces (-20° to 70°F)
Operational Schedule: 24 x 7
Installation Type: Retrofit
Installation Size: 460,000 ft2
Lighting Choice: Digital Lumens Highbay ILS
Annual kWh Savings: 1,726,108 kWh
Annual CO2 Reduction: 1,240 metric tons per year
Lighting Energy Savings: 87%

The Maines

Customer comment: "Our experience with Digital Lumens absolutely put to rest any questions we had regarding the use of LED-based light fixtures in complex industrial applications," said Pat DeOrdio, VP of operations at Maines Paper and Food Service. "With the Intelligent Lighting System, we now have access to a long-lifecycle, low maintenance, high-quality lighting source that provides the in-depth usage data we require to fine-tune our system to meet actual, versus estimated, needs. The result is a smarter, vastly more efficient and sustainable solution that puts us firmly in control of our lighting needs, today and in the future."

City Market, Onion River Co-op

City Market, Onion River Co-op, is a 16,000 sq. ft. community-owned food cooperative located in Burlington, Vermont. Open 363 days of the year, it is the city's only downtown grocery store, offering a wide range of conventional, organic, and local products to the more than 3,000 customers who pass through its doors each day.

Facility Location: Burlington, VT
Environment: Retail grocer, ambient, and refrigerated spaces
Operational Schedule: 7 a.m to 11 p.m, 363 days per year
Installation Type: Retrofit
Installation Size: 16,000 ft2
Lighting Choice: Digital Lumens Midbay and Highbay ILS
Annual kWh Savings: Approx. 100,000 kWh
Payback: 18 months

City Market

Improved lighting quality at City Market

Customer comment: "There is no question that the opportunity to dramatically lower our energy costs and make substantial contributions to our sustainability agenda was an important motivator in our decision to deploy the Digital Lumens system," said Brent Demers, Facilities Manager for City Market. "But at the end of the day, it was lighting quality that clinched the deal. In a retail grocery environment, delivering a positive customer experience is critical to success, and lighting quality — how you present your products to customers — plays a major role in creating that experience."

Quandt's Foodservice Distributors

Quandt's Foodservice Distributors is a premier independent food service company serving a market area that reaches from Eastern New York State to the Canadian border, including parts of western New England. Started as a local fish market in 1918 and based in Amsterdam, NY, the company now operates more than 89,583 square feet of freezer, cooler, and dry warehouse space, employing more than 130 people.

Facility Location: Amsterdam, NY
Environment: Refrigerated, cold storage, and ambient spaces
Operational Schedule: 24 x 5
Installation Type: Retrofit
Installation Size: 89,583 ft2
Lighting Choice: Digital Lumens Midbay and Highbay ILS
Annual kWh Savings: More than 264,915 kWh annually
Annual CO2 Reduction: More than 219,436 lbs.
Lighting Energy Savings: 71%

Mid bay fixtures

Customer comment: "Sustainability is a core value at Quandt's and an area of focus for our customers and employees," said Larry Bascom, Director of Operations for Quandt's Foodservice Distributors. "For our warehouse lighting, our goal was to combine immediate energy efficiency gains with the data collection and analysis tools required to accumulate additional savings over time. In this regard, Digital Lumens stood alone in offering a solution that recognized the importance data plays in driving savings, allowing us to continuously fine-tune our light delivery to support actual workplace demands."

It Pays to Be Smart

Digital Lumens offers a game-changing approach to industrial lighting with a smart, networked, energy-efficient LED solution that is proven to reduce lighting energy use by up to 90% in industrial facilities. The Digital Lumens Intelligent Lighting System delivers high-quality light when and where needed while slashing kWh use. LightRules management software provides the flexibility to match settings to each facility's unique needs, and reports on key metrics (power use and occupancy) for easy measurement and verification. A five-year limited warranty covers all Intelligent Lighting System components.