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Darlington Nuclear

Made in Ontario LED Linears Light the Way
In 2010 Darlington Nuclear, an OPG asset producing 3,512 megawatts or 20% of Ontario's electrical needs, began a review of lighting technology with an eye to a 'Made In Canada' solution. The existing 14,000+ fixtures were reaching end of useful life and the maintenance costs were substantial.

Several technologies were considered during the initial review process. Due to the substantial cost of maintenance to the facility, a large value was placed on the longevity of the new technology as well as ease of installation.

Deciding to move beyond fluorescent technology and leverage existing fixture placement and electrical distribution, Darlington focused on LED linear technology that would allow for a retrofit in place solution.



What if you could create an LED linear that was equal to the output of 2 T8s, that lasted for 100,000 hours, was designed to be reusable, consumed 30 watts of power and was made in Ontario? Would that meet the needs of heavy industrials where maintenance, existing asset leveraging, energy costs, light quality and global competitive advantage is of paramount importance? The answer, yes.

Darlington Nuclear engaged with Ecopower LED, a 20 year lighting controls company and Stein Industries, an ISO 9008-2001 OPG approved transformer supplier, to provide a solution to replace the 347v T12 custom length 1160mm fluorescents with their Stein LED linear. After many months of product vetting by OPG Engineering a test was approved in the pump house. Westburne, an approved OPG distributor, provided product distribution and ensured compliance.

"Stein LED Linears provided the most cost effective cradle to cradle retrofit on the market"

Brian Webber, President, Ecopower LED


126 fixtures were put in scope, with 16 utilizing the 8' LED linear and the remainder using the custom 1160mm linear. Approximately 13.6 kW of T12 lighting consumption was replaced with 4.54 kW of LED consumption, a 66% reduction. More importantly was the speed of installation, on average a half hour a fixture and the resulting reduction in maintenance costs.

Upon completion the OPG executive toured the facility and commented that the light levels were excellent and that the facility was a leader in lighting technology. The six month test site has been well received by all. There have been 0 failures

Darlington Nuclear


With the refurbishment contract for Darlington Nuclear awarded the facility now has a mandate to operate for another 25 to 30 years. With lighting running 24/7 in some areas, both longevity and automation will be important factors in extending the life of the LED lighting and reducing the amount of energy used.

With that in mind, Ecopower LED and Stein Industries have developed an LED Super High Bay that will provide 25+ foot candles from a 50' mounting height. This fixture is part of the luxlinx family of wireless Stein LED products capable of dimming, daylight harvesting and scheduling control from a number of wireless devices. This technology was designed and installed by Ecopower LED and Stein Industries at Covent Garden Market in London Ontario in January of 2011.

Sustainability in design, both in the nuclear and LED industry is an important consideration. Stein LED linears incorporate a modular system whereby the LED modules can be removed and land mined, new modules installed into the heat sink and the linear can then be redeployed for another 100,000 hours.

Darlington Nuclear