Who we are

Since 1992 Ecopower has been focused on developing, manufacturing, distributing and developing projects with partners utilizing HID and LED Lighting sources and controls.

Our successes include installations in U.S. Defense Department facilities, Canadian Forces Bases, Tier One automotive facilities, major industrial and commercial clients, 100's of arenas and sports facilities as well as commercial and retail facilities from Hawaii to Alaska.

20+ Years of lighting knowledge

Client Testimonials

I would just like to take the opportunity to add my comments on the lighting -it is amazing ! The effect of the light is absolutely astounding - it lights the hull and compound with a very soft, elegant light that allows you to clearly see the hull. Everyone on the tour were very impressed indeed.

Ian Raven
Executive Director, The Elgin Military Museum

We completed the installation of the nine 30 watt exterior pole mounted LED flood lights on the east fence of the Ojibwa in Port Burwell. I am pleased with the lighting effect as it highlights the east side of the submarine but does not disturb the adjacent businesses.

Bill Manchester
Master Electrician

...very comfortable with Ecopower's product designs, installation methods .. VESTAR continues to specify Ecopower controls on current and future projects throughout Canada and the United States...

Sergio da Silva L.C.MIES
Project Designer – Lighting, Vestar - (Cinergy Solutions)

My greatest compliment to this wonderful lighting is that every time I return to Ojibwa I notice no change in the lighting from that that I was so used to when I served aboard her. Whether at sea submerged, on the surface in transit, or in harbour H.M.C.S. Ojibwa had no access to normal daylight. Like all submarines Ojibwa has no windows. So all interior lighting was carefully designed to provide maximum and appropriate illumination under all conditions and in all compartments. EcoPower LED has provided L.E.D. lighting that very closely represents the lighting we submariners were accustomed to.

Dave Anderson
Sonarman H.M.C.S. Ojibwa 1970 -1974
What we do

Ecopower manufactures industrial, commercial and architectural LED luminaires and controls, made in Canada. We are experts in LED Lighting development and application.

Since 2009 Ecopower has invested over 2 million dollars in developing best in class LED Lighting Solutions and is one of the leading Engineered LED Lighting Project Developers in Canada. We continue to learn, grow and hone our craft to maximize ROI for our clients

New product release

EP-PF-LB - powerFLOOD™-LED Flood Light

100 L/W plus, slimline LED Flood light series. Flexible, modular design with several optical lens choices. Easy installation and maintenance makes this IP66 rated, 5 year warranty your number 1 choice for premium applications.

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Ecopower is pleased to offer a 5% cash rebate on all projects requested through us.

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